Urology Grand Rounds

Urology Grand Rounds
LKSC Learning Spaces and Conference Center
291 Campus Drive, LK130

6:30 – 7:30pm Uroradiology Case Conference
7:30 – 7:45pm Resident lecture (time for questions)
7:45 – 8:30pm Faculty lecture (time for questions)

Date Topic of the Month Lecture

Sept 3

Topic: Localized Kidney Cancer
Faculty: Benjamin Chung, M.D. –Resident: Mark Hsu, M.D.

Oct 1

Topic: Testes Cancer
Faculty: Eila Skinner, M.D.. Resident: Joy Lee, M.D.

Nov 5
Topic: Pelvic Prolapse
Faculty:  Christopher Elliott, M.D. – Resident: Smita De, M.D.

Dec 3
Topic:Pediatrics – Obstruction and Perinatal Urology
Faculty: Hsi-Yang Wu, M.D. – Resident: Simon Conti, M.D.

Jan 7
Topic: Advanced Kidney Cancer
Faculty: John Leppert, M.D. – Resident: Aviva Weinberg, M.D.

Feb 4
Topic: Superficial Bladder Cancer
Faculty: Joseph Liao, M.D. – Resident: Jonathan Wu, M.D.

Mar 4
Topic: Male Urinary Incontinencet  
Faculty: Craig Comiter, M.D. – Resident: Alan Thong, M.D.

Apr 1
Topic: Urethral Strictures
Faculty: Daniel Rosenstein, M.D. – Judith Hagedorn, M.D.

May 6
Topic: Radiation in Urology
Faculty: H. Gill, M.D./S. Hancock, M.D. – Resident: D. Guo, M.D./D. Zlatev, M.D.

Jun 3

Topic: Male Infertility
Faculty: Michael Eisenberg, M.D. – Remy Lamberts, M.D./D. Zlatev, M.D.

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