The Larry & Diana Lulofs Memorial Kidney Cancer Research Internship


The Larry and Diana Lulofs Memorial Kidney Cancer Research Internship is a paid research internship in memory of Larry Lulofs, who died of kidney cancer in 2011. Larry was a Stanford alumnus (class of 1971), as well as a successful attorney, and lifelong intellectual and community servant. In his honor, the Larry Lulofs Memorial Kidney Cancer Research Internship was created to provide an opportunity for a Stanford undergraduate interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research or medicine to receive 6 months of paid research and medical shadowing, in order to improve treatments for kidney cancer, and facilitate the intern achieving his or her career goals.

Larry’s wife, Diana, was one of the major benefactors for the internship program, and was instrumental to the program’s creation. Unfortunately, Diana lost her own battle with lung cancer in February 2017. Following her death, the name of the internship was changed to the Larry and Diana Lulofs Memorial Kidney Cancer Research Internship, in honor of these two remarkable individuals.This internship is intended to inspire future physicians and scientists to pursue an interest in kidney cancer that will lead to improved treatments, while also providing invaluable experience interacting with physicians and patients, working in a hospital environment, and conducting novel translational research experiments in a laboratory. The program also places an emphasis on granting the internship opportunity to students who are not only worthy candidates academically, but who also come from disadvantaged backgrounds that may prevent them from otherwise gaining the experiences that the internship program facilitates.

Internship News

Two Stanford undergraduates have now successfully completed The Larry and Diana Lulofs Memorial Kidney Cancer Research Internship! Previously mentioned intern Jasmin Kamruddin (Class of 2019) completed her internship in June 2017. Her research rotation was completed with Dr. Alice Fan, and centered on investigating mechanisms of resistance to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor therapy in metastatic kidney cancer. She is currently studying medical policy in Washington D.C. as part of an abroad internship, and will be returning to her work on kidney cancer in the summer of this year. Meanwhile, the most recent intern to complete the program is Kaitlyn Lagattuta (Class of 2018).

Kaitlyn completed her internship in October of 2017. She is a computer science major, and entered into the internship program in June 2017 with a profound interest in studying epigenetic modifications in kidney cancer. Kaitlyn was able to do just that with the help of her internship research mentors, Dr. Christina Curtis, PhD, MSc, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics, as well as Dr. Jose Seoane, PhD, who is completing a postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Curtis’ lab. Kaitlyn’s hard work yielded some interesting findings that pointed to an epigenetic loss of expression of a particular gene responsible for preventing metastasis. Such loss of expression is believed to be responsible for a more aggressive tumor phenotype. These findings were so impressive that Kaitlyn was invited to present her work at the Urology Department’s Grand rounds in November 2017. Even more exciting was the news that Kaitlyn will be staying on with the Curtis Lab as a research assistant despite completing her internship, in order to continue her work on kidney cancer! Kaitlyn, Dr. Seoane, and Dr. Curtis are continuing to investigate Kaitlyn’s findings, and anticipate the publication of their work in a manuscript in the near future.

Past Interns

Jasmin Kamrudin
Stanford undergraduate
Class of 2019

Kaitlyn Lagattuta
Stanford undergraduate
Class of 2018


Christina Curtis, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and of Genetics

John Leppert, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Urology

Donna Peehl, PhD
Professor Emerita of Urology

Alice Fan, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)

Thomas Metzner, MS
Internship Program Director

Jose Seoane, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

How to Give

How to Apply

The Department of Urology is currently recruiting for The Larry and Diana Lulofs Memorial Kidney Cancer Research Internship. Stanford undergraduates who meet the eligibility criteria on the information page provided may apply for the program. Candidates will be interviewed, and an intern selected, in March. Interested applicants must complete the attached application and submit it per the application instructions to Program Director Thomas Metzner, MS, by 8:00 AM Tuesday, February 20. Any questions can be directed to Thomas Metzner by emailing him at


Thomas Metzner
Internship Program Director
(650) 723-0766