Department of Urology Faculty

Urology Chair and Vice-Chair

Eila Skinner, MD

Professor and Chair

Clinical Focus: All aspects of Bladder Cancer diagnosis and treatment, Continent Urinary Diversion and lower urinary tract reconstruction, major open surgical treatment of locally advanced Kidney and Testis Cancer.
Research Focus: Translational research in bladder cancer, long-term surgical and functional outcomes of continent urinary diversion.

James Brooks, MD

Professor and Vice-Chair
Chief of Urologic Oncology

Clinical Focus: Prostate Cancer detection, risk assessment, active surveillance and surgical management using traditional and robotic approaches. 

Research Focus: Discovery of biomarkers of Prostate Cancer risk and progression, understanding of the genetic and epigenetic regulators of Prostate Cancer.

Urologic Specialties

Timothy Chang

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: Adult general urologic care, with a particular focus on kidney stone treatment.

Research Focus: Development of technological medical advancements.

Simon Conti, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Kidney Stone Program
Associate Program Director, Residency Program

Clinical Focus: Urinary stone disease - surgical and medical treatment geared towards long term prevention of stone recurrence, endourology and minimally invasive options for general urologic disease as well as cancers such as upper tract urothelial cancer.

Research Focus: Population health sciences research in Urinary Stone Disease. Medical and surgical education research.

Michael Eisenberg, MD

Associate Professor
Director, Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

Clinical Focus: All aspects of Male Infertility, Urologic Microsurgery (including vasectomy reversal, microscopic testicular sperm extraction (mTESE), varicocele), Erectile and Sexual Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Peyronie's Disease 

Research Focus: Research efforts include surgical innovation, epidemiologic studies, and basic science discoveries to improve the treatments, outcomes, and lives of infertile men.

Vanessa Gulla, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: General urology

Philip Hanno, MD

Clinical Professor

Clinical Focus: General urology, Bladder pain syndrome, Chronic pelvic pain syndrome and Urinary infection.

Craig Comiter, MD

Professor-by-courtesy Ob-Gyn

Clinical Focus: General Urology, Female Urology, Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Prolapse.

Research Focus: Using various animal models of Bladder Outlet Obstruction as a representation of Human Prostatic Disease, investigating how intervening with pharmacotherapy, neuromodulation, and other novel therapies may help to reverse the adverse changes in the bladder due to the obstruction. 


Amy Dobberfuhl, MD, MS 

Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: Pelvic Reconstruction, Neurourology, Voiding Dysfunction

Research Focus: Basic science, clinical and translational research in overactive / underactive bladder and radiation cystitis. Urine biomarkers of compensated and decompensated detrusor dysfunction. Animal models of voiding and pelvic floor dysfunction. Pharmacologic modulation of lower urinary tract function and fibrosis.

Ekene Enemchukwu, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor-by-courtesy Ob-Gyn
Director, Urology at Stanford Pelvic Health Center

Clinical Focus: Medical and minimally invasive surgical management of male and female conditions, including Pelvic Organ Prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, vault prolapse repairs, including concurrent vaginal hysterectomy), Female Genitourinary Fistula, Urinary Tract Infection, Overactive Bladder, Urinary Incontinence, Hematuria, Urinary Retention, Mesh Complications, Refractory Fecal Incontinence and Urethral Stricture Disease. She performs open, robotic, endoscopic and laser surgery.

Research Focus: Refractory overactive bladder in elderly and frail patient populations, detrusor underactivity, quality of life, patient outcomes, quality improvement, patient satisfaction, and shared decision making.

Rustin Massoudi, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: Endoscopic, robotic, laparoscopic, and open surgery for prostate and kidney cancer as well as general urologic conditions.

Urologic Oncology

Philip Beachy, PhD

Professor of Urology, and Developmental Biology

Research Focus: The role of Hedgehog and other signaling pathways in normal and pathologic function of stem cells in adult organs, including bladder and prostate. Molecular mechanisms of Hedgehog signal transduction.

Richard Fan, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Research Focus: Translational application of emerging technologies in the medical and surgical spaces, as well as the development of platforms to explore clinical and pre-clinical evaluation. His primary work is currently focused on image guided detection and treatment of prostate cancer, including MR-US fusion, focal therapies, embedded systems and robotics.

Harcharan Gill, MD

Program Director, Residency Program

Clinical Focus: Prostate, Bladder and Kidney Cancer Treatment with both open and minimally invasive/robotic techniques.
Research Focus: Imaging of Prostate Cancer using MRI, focal and minimally invasive treatments of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy.

Joseph Liao, MD

Associate Professor
Director of Research
Chief of Urology
Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS)

Clinical Focus: General Urology, Urologic Neoplasms

Research Focus: Translational research to develop new in vitro and in vivo diagnostic tools for diseases of the urinary tract based on micro- and nanotechnology. Developing an integrated biosensor platform optimized for point-of-care urinary diagnostics, particularly for Urinary Tract Infections and Bladder Cancer.

Kris Prado, MD


Clinical FocusOpen, endoscopic, and robotic surgery for urologic cancer

Research FocusBasic, translational, and clinical research in bladder cancer, urothelial cell development and differentiation, direct conversion of fibroblasts to bladder urothelial progenitor cells for regeneration or replacement of the bladder urothelium for benign and malignant disorders of the urothelium

Geoffrey Sonn, MD

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor by-courtesy, Radiology

Clinical Focus: Prostate Cancer management including image-targeted biopsy, active surveillance, and robotic prostatectomy. Open and robotic surgery for Kidney, Bladder and Testicular Cancer.

Research Focus: MRI and molecular imaging of Prostate and Kidney Cancer, MRI-Ultrasound fusion targeted prostate biopsy, fluorescent image-guided surgery, Prostate Cancer focal ablation therapy

Benjamin Chung, MD

Associate Professor
Director, Section of Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery

Clinical Focus: Surgery for Kidney and Prostate Cancers, especially using minimally invasive and robotic approaches, management of small renal masses.

Research Focus: Population-based studies of Kidney Cancer risk and prognosis, and improvement of technical approaches to robotic Kidney Cancer surgery.

Wendy Fantl, PhD

Assistant Professor (Research)

Research Focus: Signal transduction and its application to understanding disease mechanism. The primary focus of her work is to apply the mass cytometry platform to enhance the understanding of high grade serous ovarian cancer at the single cell level.

John Leppert, MD, MS

Associate Professor
Director, of Urologic Oncology
Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS)

Clinical Focus: Care of patients with Urologic Cancers including Prostate, Bladder, and Kidney Cancer. Expertise in open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgical approaches.

Research Focus: The Leppert Lab is working to identify novel biomarkers of Urologic Cancers, as well as studying the comparative effectiveness and epidemiology of Kidney, Prostate, and Bladder Cancers.

Donna Peehl, PhD

Professor Emerita

Research Focus: Development of tissue slice cultures to recapitulate the normal epithelial-stromal interactions in human Prostate Cancers in an animal model. Using this platform to study variations in the androgen receptor, discovery of Prostate Cancer specific cell surface molecules, and testing the efficacy of a novel arsenical compound.

Jay Shah, MD

Associate Professor 

Clinical Focus: Surgery for bladder and other urologic cancers, using robotic surgery, emerging treatment options, and optimization of post-surgical recovery.

Alan Thong, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: Robotic, endoscopic, and open surgery for prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicular cancer, as well as general urologic conditions, MRI fusion targeted prostate biopsy.

Research Focus: Cost-effectiveness analysis, Healthcare informatics for quality improvement, Patient-reported outcomes.

Pediatric Urology

Kathleen Kan, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: Pediatric Urology

Kunj Sheth, MD

Assistant Professor

Clinical Focus: Pediatric Urology

Research Focus: Bio-innovation pediatric device development to address common urologic problems, including but not limited to, surgical stone management and neurogenic incontinence.

William Kennedy, MD

Chief of Pediatric Urology

Clinical Focus: Pediatric Urology

Linda Shortliffe, MD

Professor Emerita

Research Focus: Our group has been interested in trying to define risk factors that may be involved in Urinary Tract Obstruction, Vesicoureteral Reflux, and Infectious Uropathies. We have examined the effects of sex hormones on urinary tract function to better understand their involvement in renal and urinary tract function.

By Courtesy Faculty

Bertha Chen, MD

Professor of Ob-Gyn
Professor-by-courtesy of Urology

Clinical Focus: Gynecology, Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Research Focus: Molecular causes of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. Recognizing that urinary incontinence linked to demise of smooth muscle sphincter function, she is investigating the potential use of stem cell regeneration to restore muscle capacity.

Brooke Gurland, MD, FACS

Clinical Professor of Surgery (General)
Clinical Professor-by-courtesy of Urology

Clinical Focus: General surgery, pelvic floor and functional bowel disorders

Eric Sokol, MD

Associate Professor of Ob-Gyn
Associate Professor-by-courtesy of Urology
Co-Chief, Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

Clinical Focus: Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures, Robotics, Uterine Prolapse, Urinary Incontinence

Research Focus: Development and testing of novel minimally invasive treatment modalities for complex pelvic floor disorders.

Leslee Subak, MD

Katharine Dexter McCormick and Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor of Ob-Gyn
Professor-by-courtesy of Urology

Clinical Focus: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urogynecology

Research Focus: Lower urinary tract function and genitourinary health in women

Alice Fan, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology)
Assistant Professor-by-courtesy of Urology

Clinical Focus: Urologic oncology, medical oncology, urologic neoplasms, kidney cancer, translational medical research, molecular targeted therapy, nano-proteomics

Research Focus: How turning off oncogenes (cancer genes) can cause tumor regression in preclinical and clinical studies

Lisa Rogo-Gupta, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Ob-Gyn
Clinical Associate Professor-by-courtesy of Urology

Clinical Focus: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urogynecology, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urinary Incontinence, Fecal Incontinence, Uterine Prolapse, Cystocele, Rectocele

Sandy Srinivas, MD

Professor of Medicine (Oncology)
Professor-by-courtesy of Urology

Clinical Focus: Urologic oncology, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testes cancer, penile cancer and adrenal cancers, germ cell tumors

Research Focus: Urologic oncology clinical studies

Affiliated Faculty

Jennifer Abidari, MD

Clinical Professor (Affiliate)
Chief of Pediatric Urology
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Pediatric Urology

Christopher Elliott, MD

Clinical Instructor (Affiliate)
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Male and Female Incontinence, Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Neurogenic Bladder, Urologic Reconstructive Surgery

Research Focus: Outcomes research of Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Neurogenic Bladder using national and state databases

David Guo, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliate)
Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Male infertility, Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction

Research Focus: Male infertility, Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction

Thomas Hsu, MD

Clinical Professor (Affiliate)
Director of Laparoscopic Surgery
Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Laparoscopic, Robotic, and Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery; Urologic Oncology

Research Focus: Novel technology and devices in laparoscopic, robotic, and minimally invasive surgery

William Thieu, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliate)
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Endourology, urinary stone disease, erectile dysfunction, penile prosthesis, and general urology.

Research Focus: Medical device development and novel applications of technology in cost-effective manners for the underserved population.

Helena Chang, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliate)
Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Endoscopic and percutaneous surgeries for complex kidney stones, kidney cancer, urothelial carcinoma, ureteral strictures, ureteral pelvic junction obstruction, and enlarged prostates.

Research Focus: Kidney stone prevention, long term outcomes for kidney stone patients, ionizing radiation reduction, using ultrasound for diagnosing and treating kidney stones, and advancing surgical options for kidney stone treatment.

Peter Elliott, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliate)
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Urologic oncology. Robotic/minimally invasive approaches for both malignant and benign urologic diseases.

Research Focus: Outcomes research for robotic approaches to urologic malignancies. Cost-effective robotic surgery. 

Catherine R. Harris, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliate)
Director, Genitourinary Trauma and Reconstruction
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Clinical Focus: Genitourinary trauma and reconstruction, urethral stricture disease, male urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, urologic oncology and general urology

Research Focus: Cost-effectiveness analysis, cost containment, healthcare quality and access, underserved populations, clinical outcomes

John Lavelle, MD

Clinical Associate Professor (Affiliate)
Director, Urodynamics, Voiding Dysfunction and Neurourology
Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS)

Clinical Focus: General Urology, Urodynamics

Research Focus: Clinically Voiding Dysfunction (BPH, Incontinence, Urinary Retention, & Neurogenic Bladder), and outcomes research. Currently developing a project to review the management of Neurogenic Bladder within the VA.