Erin Grantham Joins Stanford Urology

Stanford Urology is delighted to welcome Erin Grantham as its newest faculty. With her appointment, we have added a highly accomplished professional who brings a rich record of service in underserved regions and a profound passion for pediatric urology.

A Bay Area native, Grantham hails from Albany and is no stranger to the rigorous academic atmosphere of California. She began her academic journey at UC Berkeley for her undergraduate studies and went on to attain her Medical Doctorate at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine in 2007. Grantham completed her urology residency at the New York Medical College in 2013 and then went on to pursue a fellowship in pediatric urology at the University of Colorado, which she completed in 2015.

Driven by her motivation to make a difference in regions with insufficient healthcare facilities, in 2015, Grantham’s career took a significant shift as she set out for Montana. Speaking about her motivation to serve in Montana, Grantham revealed a heartfelt commitment, "I've always felt a strong pull towards helping underserved communities. Looking at the demographics in the U.S., I saw a clear need for urology doctors in Montana. It was almost as if Montana was calling out to me." Responding to this call, she served as the state's only board-certified pediatric urologist for nine impactful years. This period of her life not only allowed her to address the obvious healthcare access gap directly but also fostered deeper connections and understanding with the often-overlooked communities.

Beyond Montana, Grantham also covered communities in the northern half of Wyoming, eastern North Dakota, and parts of South Dakota. This experience gave Grantham a heightened understanding of rural healthcare systems and the unique challenges faced by patients in such regions, often requiring incredible lengths of travel for specialist appointments. She recalled an instance, "I had a patient once, brought in five hours by ambulance because it was deemed an emergency. It turned out to be something misdiagnosed and took me five minutes to fix."

Grantham's passion for pediatric urology is deeply rooted and hugely inspiring. Describing her affinity, she explained, "I like the clinic and taking care of patients, but more so, I like fixing things with my hands." Stepping into her new role at the Department of Urology, Grantham is excited to pass on her insights to the current world-class urology residents at Stanford. As we extend a warm welcome to her, we look forward to witnessing the significant impact she is bound to have on our community, and beyond.