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The Department of Urology is committed to excellence and improving everything we do. From our innovative patient care, to our highest caliber education program, and cutting-edge research, we work together to turn discoveries into reality and improve the lives of our patients.  


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The first successful in vitro fertilization was a huge step forward for human reproduction –and we've come a long way since then. In the coming years, we may have the ability to take skin cells and generate sperm and eggs. Watch this incredible talk by Dr. Michael Eisenberg that will change your perception of reproduction and family planning.

Dr. Geoff Sonn gave this webinar presentation on "2017 State of the Art Men's Genitourinary Health presentation" which discussed healthy choices for men – including preventative steps, symptoms of prostate disease, and new approaches to prostate cancer screening including non-surgical techniques, using MRI.

Dr. Jay Shah chaired a Clinical Controversies in Oncology session titled, “Multidisciplinary Management of Complex Bladder Cancer” at ASCO 2017, the largest gathering of cancer doctors and health care professionals from around the world.

Dr. Michael Eisenberg spoke at the NICHD Division of Intramural and Population Health Reserach 50th anniversary event held May 15-16.

Dr. Jay Shah was honored at the AUA Leadership Academy graduation ceremony at the AUA Annual Meeting in Boston held May 12-16.

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Donna Peehl Retirement Celebration

The Department organized a retirement celebration for Dr. Donna Peehl on Sunday, June 25th to celebrate her 35 years of service and dedication to the department of urology. 

BioDesign students display health care innovations

Richard Fan, PhD, instructor and biomedical engineer in the department of urology, organized the first ever Biodesign Health Technology Showcase, which gathered together students from Stanford Biodesign courses to form teams and present their identifed health care needs and solutions-in-progress.

Newly funded NIH R01 grant 

Dr. Geoff Sonn is a co-PI along with Richard Fan, a co-investigator, on a new NIH R01 grant for project titled "Focal Laser Ablation of Prostate Cancer using MR/US Fusion".

Newly funded NIH U01 grant

Dr. Donna Peehl just received an NIH U01 grant for her project titled "Metabolic Imaging Comparisons of Patient-Derived Models of Renal Cell Carcinoma".

Stanford Urology Alumni Celebration

The Department hosted it's first ever Stanford Urology Alumni Celebration event on June 3, 2017, which honored Dr. Linda Shortliffe's retirement after a 35 year career on our faculty and 16 years as department chair.

New book Incontinence 6th Edition released 

Dr. Philip Hanno leads the Bladder Pain Syndrome Committee of the International Consultation on Incontience, whose book chapter is included in the new book, Incontinence 6th Edition, which takes on board the outcomes of the 6th International Consultation on Incontinence, held in Tokyo during Steptember 2016. The work is the result of a systematic review and update by two-hundred experts, divided into 23 chapter committees.

New article shows that there are extensive chemical modifications to the DNA of prostate cancers called DNA methylation

The changes are known to affect gene regulation, and we find that genes regulated by a specific protein, called EZH2, are particularly targeted by this chemical modification.  Furthermore, these methylation changes, since they are specific for prostate cancer, could form the basis of new tools to diagnose prostate cancer.

AUA 2017 Annual Meeting - Boston

Education Highlights

Reconstruction Fellowship

Chief Resident Dr. Michael Davenport matched into a Reconstruction Fellowship at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX with Dr. Allen Morey, that he will begin later next year following graduation.

Minimally Invasive Oncology Fellowship

Following graduation next year, Chief Resident Dr. Harsha Mittakanti will be going to Swedish Hospital in Seattle to begin a Minimally invasive Oncology Fellowship with Dr. Jim Porter.

Urology Graduation Dinner

The Department hosted the Urology Graduation Dinner on June 25, 2017 to honor our graduating residents and fellows:

Residency Program:
  David Guo, Remy Lamberts, and Dimitar Zlatev

FPMRS Fellowship Program:  Amy Dobberfuhl, and Amandeep Mahal




This Department of Urology is seeking qualified faculty for several open positions to join its distinguished group of medical professionals. 

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