Urology Sub-I’s & Clerkships

Urology Clerkships

Program Description

Consists of a 4-week period during which students are involved in an overview of urology and its subspecialties through daily clinics, ward work, and the operating room. This sub-I exposes a student to general and specialty-based urology (oncology, urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery, pediatric urology, endourology, and minimally invasive surgery, male sexual dysfunction). During the rotation, students learn broad concepts regarding the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of the common diseases of the genitourinary tract. Students in this Sub-I are an integral part of the service.

Deadline to Apply for the 2024 Year

Please submit the preapproval application to the department for the spring periods by January 1 & summer periods by march 1, 2024.

Period 11 April 29- May 26, 2024
Period 12 May 27- June 23, 2024
Period 1 July 1- July 28, 2024
Period 2 July 29- August 25, 2024
Period 3 Aug 26 - Sept 22, 2024

Course Catalog

Click on the button bellow to view the Urology Clerkship lisiting:

Rotation Periods Open to Sub-Interns:

Spring periods 11 & 12 and summer periods 1-3. Click on the following button to see the specifics of the rotation periods:

How to Apply

Medical students interested in a Stanford Urology sub-internship are required to submit the following Preapproval application:

If you are selected by the department then you will need to also apply through the Clerkship office using the following link:

Stanford Clinical Opportunity for Residency Experience Program

SCORE brings fourth-year medical students from diverse backgrounds to Stanford for a four-week residential clinical training program in one of the clinical departments.

Do you consider yourself to be underrepresented in medicine?

If yes, please visit the SCORE program website to see if you are eligible to apply. If so, please submit an application through their program as well.


For questions about clerkships or changing your clerkship preference on your existing application, email Taranjit Bains, Education Program Manager, at bainstj@stanford.edu